Friday, September 19, 2008

Comments are off, dicks

I don't want to get another comment like this, "Wer can i find that romz and how do i pach it?" Or comments like this, "Get your woman wet as the ocean! We got just the thing to fill your stuff."

Since I don't have the time or inclination to moderate comments and click delete for even a minute of my day, I decided to turn the comments off. In the early days of the Internets, comments had value and added content to any blog site. 

Today, when even idiots can now use a PC, most comment pages are like cesspools for spammers and parasites who think they are privileged to say anything they want, and to get everything they want.

I guess just clicking on the comment link , inputting the captcha, and pressing post is not enough of a deterrent for morons with a lot of time in their hands. 

Guess what? If you really want your stupid questions to be answered, then ask away in your own site. Better yet, why not use a search engine.

Now, if you really want to reach me, you can find my contact information somewhere in this site.

I hope that this is a much better deterrent. 
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