Friday, September 19, 2008

Alien Breed & Alien Syndrome - both inspired by the Alien movie?

As promised earlier, I made this post to discuss two old games inspired by the Alien movie. One is a NES game made by Tengen, and the other is an old Amiga classic remake.

First, let's take a look at the Amiga remake of Alien Breed since it's the superior game.

The remake is called Alien Breed Obliteration. The game play is a simple 2d, top-down shooter. You're a generic soldier sans background story or any of that jazz, dropped in a base infested with aliens that you must exterminate forever.

The random screen above is just a sample of the gorgeous Amiga-ish graphics from the original Team 17 version. It looks great and it plays great, even for a person with shitty manual dexterity, a.k.a., yours truly.

Yeah, I suck at twitch games, but I played this game and Cave Story exclusively, every time I need a little break from my sickbed. This is almost the same experience I had with Ikari Warriors back in the day. I suck at it, but I still played the crap out of it.

Alien Syndrome, though, is a bit easier than Ikari Warriors. The RPG factor of getting money and upgrading equipment really helps boost your survival in the labyrinthine military base.

Ed: I'll try to find the rom image of the game as soon as I can, and maybe I'll write a little tutorial on how to use an Amiga emulator as well.

Now we go the 8-bit road and take a look at Alien Syndrome - The cool NES, TenGen game. I made a little slideshow of the screens I took while playing the first few minutes of the game.

I really like this game as much as the one above, but it's probably because of my nostalgia for NES graphics. I'm just biased when it comes to the Atari 2600 and the NES, that's just the way I am.

Anyway, the premise of the game is also the same as the first game above, but this time you can play with a partner to help you kill all the aliens. I read on Wikipedia that the Amiga Alien Breed game also had co-op mode in the original, but the remake I mentioned above does not have it as of now.

Alien Syndrome is also a 2d, top-down shooter. You can pick a male or female character at the start of the game. Then, you'll get your standard military pea shooter to hunt down the aliens and rescue your comrades before the bomb explodes.

The only difference between Syndrome and Breed is the way of acquiring better equiptment. In Syndrome, I got the coveted flamethrower on the first level. It's just a capital letter F stuck on the damn wall, like a poster in a dorm room. Regardless, it's the freaking flamethrower, I can't complain.

Alien Syndrome (NES) - 1st minute on Vimeo.

It's still a fun game overall, and I'd love to play it co-op.

Ridley Scott's Aliens was a magnum opus of a movie that inspired people to create fun games and make people appreciate, and learn about genuine sincerity and friendship in every way and every day of their lives, specially when kicking alien booty.

That did not make any goddamn sense. WTF are you waiting for? Play the games! I'm so pretentious to think that people are still reading past the screen shots.
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