Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The best sites for free games / independent games

Look, not all of us can afford to buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360. That's why I love being a PC gamer. However, PC games today are made for monster systems that cost almost as much as stupid expensive consoles. How can cheap bastards like us get our gaming fix?

This post will be almost a small update of some old posts I did, but it's all good. You can visit my old posts here for Abandonia, Abandonia Reloaded & Independent Gamer Blog.

The links below go to sites where you can download free LEGAL games. These are not emulation links or ROM links, so some of you self-righteous people can click on the links without fear of eternal punishment in a lake of fire.

Here's a list of some new links for freeware / open source / independent gaming:

1. TigSource - This site is pretty popular and I don't think they need me to pimp them or anything. But if you are new to independent gaming, there's no better site to visit for awesome PC games than this place.

2. Fully Ramblomatic - The homepage of the world famous Yahtzee. Writer, producer, animator, and star of Zero Punctuation. If you don't know, he's also a game developer, with freeware hits like Trilby's: Art of theft and 5 days a stranger.

3. Gnomes lair - Though Gnome is on semi-retirement from blogging, he's still got an archive full of fun games. Why not give him a visit and maybe you'll find a cool game.

4. Play this thing - Another blog about indie gaming by popular personalities who actually worked as indie games developers. If you are familiar with Costikyan, Dugan, or Short then you know that these people has a lot of experience with games and games journalism.

5. Liberated games - This site is like the Lazarus pit of commercial games. It's basically a warehouse of commercial games that the IP holders has given away for free. I have two games that I will mention to get you to click on that link: Mechwarrior 2 and Marathon 1 & 2, for free ! That's just on the letter M, people.

I'm taking a little break from emulation gaming. I'm playing Alien Syndrome and Cave Story at the moment, and then I'll probably beat Trilby. Ah, so many awesome free games, so little time.

I'm sure that I will try and update this post again, just to add some sites that I forgot, but that's all for now.
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