Friday, September 07, 2007

I suck at video games

I recently had a talk with Cusineroge about video games and I determined that I suck at video games.  I always wondered why I was never any good with any genre of video game--and that's it, that's the conclusion--I'm not really very good at them.

The only genre that I find not so difficult to beat is the traditional console RPG. Just console RPG's, not CRPG's--I also suck at CRPG's.  I'm not very good with strategy games either, nor am I very good at twitchy action games.  I just remembered the adventure genre.  I can say that I'm a decent adventure player (like those classic Lucas arts games) but I still stand by what I said that I'm not very good at them.

I think I only play video games because I enjoy it not necessarily that I'm good at it.  How about you, why do you play video games?

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