Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shmups hate me

Shmups or shoot 'em ups for the uninitiated is one of the oldest video game genres there is. Examples of Shmups are Space Invaders, Gradius, R-type, Galaga, etc..

This type of game tests not only your hand-eye coordination but also your reflexes. It's like driving a car (but in this case a spaceship or a plane) while avoiding obstacles and projectiles along the way.

I suck at Shmups. I've never been really good with Shmups, but I did finish Gradius 3 (Snes) and R-type 1 & 2 (Gameboy Color). But this game I'm playing just now, Alpha Wing, for mobile phones--I just can't get past the second level. Considering that autofire is on and the controls do not really suck that much than a GBC, I can't get past the second level.

I'll try to play it again after work. Man, work just gets in the way of everything fun.

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