Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Doom RPG - fun and humorous

I never thought that I can enjoy mobile games.  The screen is small and the control is crap.  But Doom RPG is a great example of how innovation can make even cellphones into a viable games platform.

The game starts you as a space marine in a base in space where a mysterious demon infestation is currently overcoming the place.  The gameplay is classic Doom, 1st-person perspective, but the combat is turn based like a good console RPG.  It doesn't sound as complicated, once you get the game running, you'll immediately get the concept.  And of course, you have to level up like any good RPG.  The more you level up, you get more hit points plus good accuracy with your weapons.

If you have a mobile phone with MIDP 1.0 and j2me support, you better get this game.  It's really fun and humorous with the classic feel of the old Doom.

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