Friday, February 09, 2007

Dial up is 3vil

Ah, the evil dial-up. I've been stuck on you for as long as I have been on the net. I don't know what it feels like to stream content or to play Youtube videos because of you. That's right, this is one of those posts where I just bitch and complain about stuff that sucks in my life. The thing is, there's no broadband connectivity anywhere near where I live (I live near a mountain of garbage) so I can't subscribe to any service, and even if there is high-speed access available I don't think I want to shell out 1,500 pesos for it. That's why all I'm going to do is to bitch about it since I can't do anything to improve my situation. It's fun to complain, especially in a blog where I get a ton of readership.

There's just a ton of shit that I can't do with dial-up, like surf faster. I can't even load the Disney page 'coz it's effing flash based. As I've said, I can't watch Youtube or any other video site for that matter. I can't stream IPTV programs and I can't download video podcasts. Man, I hate dial-up. The crappiest of all is that I can't blog as often as I want 'coz my Google reader feeds are all clogged up in a mess and the connection is just so slow that I can't think of any content to put up aside from stupid rants like this.

Everything is in slow-mo like watching sports games in slow mo for the whole remainder of it. I mean slow-mo can be fun on highlights but not on the whole game, right? It takes me 2 hours to download 20 mb worth of content - content that is about 30 minutes long to consume...MOTHER EFFER! I really should post something more relevant to the theme of this site, but I can't 'coz I've not been surfing enough on this slow effing connection. I tell you, if dial-up was a person, I would strangle it slowly, just as slow as it takes to download a podcast.

Oh well, back to listening to my podcasts.
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