Saturday, February 03, 2007

Browser based MMOs

Do you know that there's a ton of browser based games out there? You don't need a high-end PC to play quality multiplayer games on the net, all you need is you web browser and a little tolerance to text based MMOs.

If you are interested with browser based MMOs then head over to this onRPG forum section about MUDs and other text based multiplayer games.

My first browser based MMO is Utopia, a fantasy online multiplayer strategy game that is easy to learn and is deep rooted in community. I always play an elf mage/attacker, but I've never been that great a player as my girlfriend. I remember introducing this game to my girlfriend (who's a little spoiled when it comes to game graphics) but I didn't know that she'd become an avid gamer, or that she'd surpass me by even becoming queen for some time in a kingdom.

The point is--you may not be an avid gamer of these games before, but you can be a die hard gamer even for text based games. So give it a shot. Honestly, I've been immersing myself again in these games, hence the lack of posts. I may review other browser games here in the future.
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