Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lusting over the iRiver Clix

I've been eyeing this awesome looking MP3 player. Look at the screenshot I got from Cnet--it looks so sleek and modern, plus it's affordable.

The Clix is a 2GB plays-for-sure MP3 player with an FM tuner, voice recorder, photo and video (MP4) viewer. basically great media player but with a fabulous design.

The gadget can be bought at about $187, but I bet the price will go down when it arrives here in the Philippines.

Why not just buy an iPod? the iPod is an expensive, over-rated piece of proprietary crap. I'm not affected by the DMCA or any stringent copyright laws, but I still don't want an iPod because it has become as common as radio transistors here in Metro Manila. Just look at the Clix's design and it screams of individuality.

What's more, 2GB is all I need for my podcast addiction. I don't really listen to music nor do I want my whole library of CD ripped MP3 in this one device or in any device for that matter.

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