Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My newest acquired comics and manga

I've had the pleasure lately of acquiring the full volume to Akira and Watchmen. I've read about 2 volumes of Akira (big thanks to Geekman for the copy) so far and I find it an interesting read, though not as revolutionary as everyone says it was. Maybe I'm not far enough into the story yet, but I'll definitely finish reading that.

As for Watchmen, I've heard a lot of comic geeks like me go on and on about this graphic novel. I bet I'll like it, hell, I like almost everything comics and manga. I don't have any idea about the story of Watchmen, I only heard geekgasms about it by fellow comic readers. I expect to be surprised and be left stunned with a gaping mouth, since this is one of the best work of Alan Moore. Alan Moore incidentally is one author that I've only heard good things about but has never really read any of his work. If I had unlimited resources, I would like to go buy all of his works just to familiarize myself with his genius.

Anyway, this summer will be busy for me because this is the time when we'll seriously move our business to fruition. I've been slowly developing a business plan to get people to invest, but every time I think of involving people the more I feel that doing this on our own will be a much better experience.

Nydia and I are excited to get this thing into motion that she's even considering taking the summer's off from law school just to help me. I'm excited as well, though I'm more nervous than anything else since I'll be putting a lot of my savings on the line in this venture. I guess that's another reason why this project is taking so long--I'm just making sure I'm not throwing money away.

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