Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bloghouse and pressroom in CES

I listened to TWIT yesterday where John C. Dvorak made an observation about the media in CES. There was the bloghouse for bloggers and the pressroom for traditional media. Dvorak made a comment that the energy in the bloghouse was more dynamic than that of the pressroom, and that the bloghouse was open 24/7 while the pressroom was open only until 6pm.

Maybe the cultural difference between bloggers and traditional media is so tangible like it was ushering a new era of new journalism. I'm not saying that traditional media will die but maybe in the years to come blogging will become a source for mainstream news as much as a newspaper or magazine.

One example is the huge traffic spike on Engadget during the Macworld show. The gadget site generated more than 10 million page views during that time, and most of them are unique hits and not just people hitting refresh hundreds of times.

Although a lot of analysts predict that this year may be the end of the line for blogging, these huge sites are proving them wrong everyday. Maybe the blogging phenomenon is just plateauing and may not really be on a downward trend.

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