Monday, July 03, 2006

Simple MP3 to WMA conversion

Using Windows Media Player you can convert MP3's to WMA then stick it to your portable device

There's a use for this, believe me

This is a tutorial for newbies who want to re-encode large MP3 files to low bitrate WMA files but don't want to download any other applications. For another tutorial, click here for my other Cdex encoding instructions.

First thing you need is Windows Media Player (WMP 8 is fine). Plug-in your device to the PC then in WMP click TOOLS>OPTIONS then pick the tab DEVICES. In the devices tab you will see your cd-rom drive/s and your plugged-in device. Choose the drive of your portable device then click properties. In properties choose SELECT QUALITY LEVEL and set it to smallest size. Setting to smallest size will reduce quality but it will be the smallest file size you can encode. This is useful for people who doesn't have a Gig of memory in their device.

Go back to WMP and open the MP3 or MP3's that you want to re-encode and transfer to your portable device. When the music files are loaded, it will automatically play (you can turn this off if you want, it doesn't matter).

For the second step, you have to click on "Copy to CD or Device" or FILE>COPY>COPY to portable device. You will automatically be brought to this screen:


As you can see, the right side is the contents of your device while the left side is the files you have loaded earlier. All you need to do is check the files you want transferred and just click the red button (Copy music) on the upper right hand corner.

WMP will re-encode your checked files then copy it automatically to your portable device.

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