Sunday, July 02, 2006

The best free download manager

FDM a.k.a. Free Download Manager is the best free download manager

This is for internet newbies

There are tons of free download managers out there but I find FDM to be the best among the rest. One of my consideration is that Free Download Manager has good compatibility with browsers like IE, Firefox, and Opera--all of which I use. My primary consideration as a dial-up user is the ability of FDM to schedule download. Say I want to download 100MB of video, I just let FDM catch the download, schedule a shutdown of my system after the file finishes the download, and just watch TV, sleep, and forget about it.

This app can also save files according to your defined categories. If you want to download data, you can save it in the folder DATA or folder MUSIC for your MP3's. You can also reorder the files in which you want to download, so you can make that 5MB download the priority before the 1GB file.

FDM is also quite fast. My ancient 56K modem downloads around 5KB/s on the highest setting and about 3KB/s on average. The 3 settings of FDM is low, medium, and high--where low is the slowest and most appropriate for surfing while high kicks the downloading to the maximum.

FDM has other great functions like a site downloader. I rarely use this function as I have another great app to review for downloading websites. I'm sure there's some other cool functionality of FDM that I have not covered here, just go tweak it around and maybe you can find some other uses for it.

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