Thursday, February 23, 2006

Manga scanlations

I'm not gonna discuss the quasi-legality or the morality of manga scanlations or fansubs because it has been done to death already. Simply put, my decision of not putting any links to scanlation for every manga that I will review here in the future is not about any other reason other than my preference.

That said, you can still search for scanlation links in the archives, or, for goodness sake, use either the search bar on the top of this blog or the one on the side bar to keep you from reloading my archived pages 10 times before you find the links you need. And yes, this really happened (you know who you are). I see one IP, the same freaking IP address, loading my page 10 times to search manually for Beck scanlation links. Spare yourselves, use the damn search tools.

Tutorial to Bastich's blog's search bars:

For the top search bar just use it like how you use Google [e.g. beck manga scanlation]. For the side bar Picosearch (a more comprehensive search of this site) please use one or two keywords to find a link or article you need [e.g. beck].

And that rounds up this post.

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