Sunday, February 19, 2006

Magic 8-ball tells all

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I went to this site: - a page with a question form that answer using the original replies of the real Magic 8. Here's some questions I asked, and the replies I got:

1. Am I gay? - Outlook Not so good
2. Am I crazy? - My sources say No
3. Will Gloria finish her term? - Better not tell you now
4. Will Nydia become a business woman? - You can count on it
5. Is there a GOD? - My reply is No
6. Are you for real? - It is decidedly so
7. Is it a good idea to get married in 2007? - It is most likely
8. Should I kill them all? - Signs point to Yes
9. Is it good to buy Apple stock? - YES
10. Is Ali the greatest? YES

And in conclusion, the 8-ball was a fun distraction for a few minutes. You can never guess what the ball's reply is, however, that's just natural for an application programmed to reply at random, 'coz if it wasn't at random then it's pointless. But I really did not need to point that out, it's just that I'm lazy thinking of some comment to fill this paragraph.

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