Friday, February 24, 2006


It's not exactly GodsWords, the title of my new site is God's words, but hey, I just need to WIKIFI it for TiddlyWiki. Yeah, this is my first attempt to make a site about the gospel - 'coz you're just not self-righteous enough when you don't have a website full of scriptures.

It's funny how you're always stereotyped as a self-righteous jerk when you're interested in salvation and the bible. Ass, dick, pussy, turd, fuck! Fuck you, assholes! Is that self-righteous enough for you? Now I bet I'm damed to hell.

Awright! Now I'm gonna be labeled a backslider and a hypocrite. Sigh, we can't please 'em all, huh? C'mon, visit my Christian site here: or here: .

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