Saturday, February 25, 2006

Edsa 20th and martial law

The rallies yesterday to commemorate Edsa People Power I was rudely dispersed by authorities. Because of a declaration of a state of emergency, for which Gloria still needs to explain why, protesters were water-cannoned.
TV news interviews military leaders and were told that only 2 military people were caught defecting, or whatever the hell they call it. Why would 2 officials merit a declaration of any emergency at all?
Very nice, Gloria. People Power is now being celebrated in its 20th anniversary but no president has ever stopped its celebration except for you. And considering that Edsa I was about standing up and fighting an oppressive regime.
Here's another crap: First posted 02:19am (Mla time) Feb 25, 2006
Cops enter Tribune office, get copies of mock-up issue

The last time I remember that cops were allowed to do this was when that guy above was still prez.

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