Monday, February 27, 2006

Humor sites abound

I really need to write about X-entertainment , Something Awful , I-Mockery , Sean Baby , and Maddox . Yeah, with the millions of visitors they have each week, they certainly need someone like me to boost their traffic some more.

Humor sites are as rampant in the internet as blogs and podcasts are today, but the five sites above are some of the best. I know there's more out there, these are just my favorites that I want to share. After all, why create a personal blog if it will only be called a "manga scanlation blog?" Hmm, but that's for another post - boy, I'm so easily distracted.

I'm so addicted to these sites especially this depressing year when I have a bit of health problems pounding my body. As you can see, this post is going however which way I want it to go, 'coz last I look, this is still my personal site and not some "manga scanlation blog." Yeah, the articles are actually well written in a laugh out loud, cynical way, of course, it's not that they'd win an award for writing but nevertheless, they know what they are doing, unlike someone named Bastich who writes a blog that is about "manga scanlation."

Hey, look up in the sky! It's a shameless plug of my new pet project GodsWords . Yep, for no cost at all, you can visit my site and read some of the most inspirational biblical verses; or better yet just go to , read and memorize the whole bible and forget about my site.

Wow, look at the amount of nonsense you can fit in less than 5 paragraphs.

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