Saturday, April 02, 2011

Testing Windows Live Writer


This is a test post for Windows Live Writer for XP. I’m now using Windows XP on my main netbook, an Asus 701. I’m still dicking around this blog posting app and trying to look at the features. It looks ok so far, but the real test is if this entry gets posted to the blog. If not then this text will be erased and you will never see this crap materialize.

The UI is easy to understand. Just type away in Live Writer and then post your entry. That’s basically it. The setup was just a matter of entering your blog platform as well as your username and password.

One immediate downside is that the app does not seem to recognize my drafts. So essentially I still need to open a browser and edit my drafts in Blogger. Maybe I made a mistake, but I can’t be sure. So email me if I’m wrong on this one point.

Edit: I just found out that you can retrieve the drafts with “open.” Dang, good thing I figured it out. I almost deleted Live Writer.

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