Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Best of My Favorite Blogs 2011


I was more a voracious reader of blogs a few years back than I am now. I used to subscribe to every productivity blog, writing blog, and freelancing blog I could get my crummy hands on. Now, I have a select few in my RSS reader. These few blogs that I read are my favorites. It means that this list of blogs are not necessarily the best in their field, but they are the best in my eyes as far as I'm concerned.

Here is my favorite blogs 2011 list.


I usually associate domains named after the blogger as a vanity site. This notion couldn't be further from the truth with Shawn Blanc's site. This website is primarily an Apple blog, however, there is no reason to dismiss it as another Apple blog. Blanc usually writes about writing and how to be productive. Although I don’t own a single Apple product, I still see value in Blanc’s insights. 


Patrick Rhone does not like being called a guru. Although, if there was such a thing, then the monicker guru should apply to him through and through. Rhone is a prolific blogger. He writes almost everyday about his experiences in tech and in life. He writes about freelancing, writing, and how to avoid procrastination. Above all, I like his piece about life lessons.


A better freelancer is an awesome blog authored by Aaron Mahnke and Patrick Rhone. Both are, of course, successful freelancers of different trades. As an aspiring freelancer myself, I find all the links and posts in this blog very valuable.

That's pretty much all the blogs I read religiously. Notice that all three are independent blog sites. I have not listed Gawker or AOL sites because chances are you have already heard of those giant sites. I urge you to support independent writers and bloggers like me.

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