Saturday, July 10, 2010

Treasure Hunter G - 100% English Translation

Treasure Hunter G is a highly overlooked RPG from Squaresoft. It was released at about the end of the Snes life cycle and was never released in North America. Thanks to Metalhawk the English speaking fans can now enjoy the game in 100% English.

I'm just on the third town, so I have not played much of the game. I find the gameplay awesome from the short time that I played it. Basically, the combat is like that of Final Fantasy Tactics. You have characters that you can move around with something similar to action points. You can then choose to use an item, defend, use physical attacks, or use magical attacks/support.

The graphics in this game is equal to that of Tales of Phantasia. It's gorgeous for a 16-bit title. Sadly, the characters and storyline is very generic. Can you believe that the main characters were named Red and Blue? The lack of an original story is one of the many reasons why this title was highly overlooked.

That said, there is nobody stopping you from trying out this game in emulation. If you can ignore the generic storyline, the gameplay of Treasure Hunter G is a solid 5 of 5 in my opinion.

Click here to get the game. P6XCMP4BZCMC
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