Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dragon Warrior 2 - I Give Up

Dragon Warrior 2 for the Gameboy Color is a game that is superior to the first one in almost every way. The game has a larger map, an epic storyline, and this time you control three characters.

You play as the three heroes with the lineage of Loto. There is the tank hero, the mage hero, and the mage heroine. The world is just staggeringly large and the graphics are somewhat improved from the original. So, why am I giving up on it?

I honestly, don't know. It is just as grindtastic as the original, yet I find this version tedious and repetitive. It can be just as engrossing as the original, but I find this one lacking the first one's style and panache.

Maybe I will revisit this game again in the future. Though, replaying this game is so far down the hopper since I have yet to finish Reviera and Swordcraft Story 2.      
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