Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dingoo Help, Links & Resources

I never stopped loving my Dingoo since purchasing it a few months ago. Imagine, playing retro console games like the Nes, Genesis, Snes, and a shit ton of other console and arcade games right in the palm of your hands. The Dingoo is great for a handheld gaming machine at an affordable price of less than a hundred bucks.

A lot of people think that the Dingoo is some crap device just because it is Chinese made. However, this thing has been with me for a few months now and I use it mercilessly. Believe me, this thing can withstand rugged conditions.

The Dingoo design is an obvious rip-off of the Gameboy Micro but it is slightly bigger and heavier. The menu is a rip-off of the PSP UI as well. Aside from this, the device feels comfortable in the hands, and the buttons are actually sturdy and responsive. The screen is about two inches and it is good enough for playing games and watching a few movies. Yes, you heard me right, this little puppy can play mp3's and a whole lot of video codecs. This is not just a gaming console it is also a great portable media player.

If you want to learn more about the Dingoo (or if you already have one), here are some links that will help you get the most out of this little wonder.

1. Dingoo Digital - This is the unofficial English support site for Dingoo. You can find a lot of custom firmwares, themes, and emulators in the site. They also have a very helpful forum if you have queries about the device. Sadly, the site is not updating as much anymore.

2. Dingoonity - This is a community site with an extensive Wiki, Forum, and news updates about the Dingoo. If you want to know what the Dingoo native emulators can play (or not play), they have a Wiki of non-working games.

3. Dingoo Scene - If you want to learn a whole lot about Dingux or how to run Linux on your Dingoo, Dingoo Scene is the site for you. Why run Dingux at all, you ask? Well, you'll get the benefit of better emulation, better, menu, and better codec support.

Do you own a Dingoo? Do you know of any other Dingoo sites out there? Share it with us in the comments.
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