Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hurray For Less Ads!

I took off one adsense unit on this site. The truth is, I'm not making any money from this site. I have not seen a dollar or much less a cent from this blog. This is my hobby blog. The ads are just like a small delusion for my brain. It makes me feel like I'm a professional blogger making actual money off this site.

I don't want to play the SEO game. I feel like if the content of this site is inferior so be it. Screw you, this is my site regardless of the quality. I don't want to target keywords or to play keyword zombie for the mighty Google.

I remember blogging to be something better than just playing match the keywords for search engines. Right now, blogging is dying. Not because of Twitter, but because of SEO assholes and Social Media douchebags. Content and voice should be enough. But no, you had to game the system, don't you?

This site will still have some ads, not because I need the money, but again, it's something psychologically pleasing for me to think about. Call me a hypocrite or what have you. I don't give a damn. I stopped giving a damn a long time ago.

BastichOS is still my pet project. I blogged here January 1, 2005, and I will blog here until I can't write anymore.

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