Saturday, September 13, 2008

Small but functional Linux distros

This post was inspired by a cool article written by Todd Brasel.

I was just Googling around about Puppy Linux and I stumbled upon his blog about "Resurrecting a laptop with Puppy Linux."

If you don't know what Puppy Linux is, just Google it please.

I found that the best Puplet for me is Puppy NOP. NOP is just a 60 MB iso with the bare minimum software for a linux distro. Just remember that Ubuntu is about 500 - 800 MB iso. NOP seems faster than the original Puppy Dingo, probably because it uses the Thunar filemanager, rather than iceWM.

NOP can run on a Pentium class machine with less than 256 MB RAM. It's small, fast and you can downlod packages for it just like any normal Linux distros.

The second Puplet I like is called MacPUP. It's a Mac OS X flavored Puppy, just for the heck of it, and maybe for aesthetic reasons as well. This Puplet was brought to my attention by Arthur's comment in the same article I noted above.

MacPUP is not that big for quality of eye candy you will get. It's only about 95 MB and it really looks like an Apple OS, but better, because it's free.

Macpup Dingo from prit on Vimeo.

The last Linux distro I really like was also brought to my attention by Arthur. You're awesome, sir.

The distro is called SliTaz GNU/LINUX. This OS is similar to Puppy, but it's based on Busy Box. I'm not sure if Puppy is also based on this, or if SliTaz is really a remaster of Puppy. I don't know. That requires research, and as everyone knows, I'm averse to doing actual work.

The full SliTaz iso is only around 30 MB, but it's almost complete out of the box. Like the Puplets I mentioned, this thing can also download packages via a package manager.

Image Hosted by

I have to mention that all the distros I mentioned here can use the frugal install. This means that they can be installed, dual boot on NTFS, side-by-side with your Windows XP. Just look around the net and you'll find a Puppy XP installer and even a SliTaz XP, GUI installer.

Well that's about all the time we have for today. See you next time, people. Happy Linux computing!

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