Saturday, September 13, 2008

Darklord NES rom in English

Dark Lord screens on Vimeo.

I'm trying to get into some old NES games lately, and I find some Japanese games quite fascinating to play. Earlier I reviewed Radia Senki and how ahead of its time this game was. This time I'm taking a look at Dark Lord for the NES. Apparently, this game is a Japanese only release, but thanks to Gideon Zhi and his AGTP group, we can now enjoy this gem.

Dark Lord is a Strategy/RPG similar to the SNES Treasure Hunter G game. You control a group of people against another group of people. I don't know if Dark Lord preceded Fire Emblem or any old NES SRPG, but it's just fascinating to look at how developers can really squeeze out the last bit of power from an aging game system.

This review from Pluvius can give you a good picture of what this game is really about. I have not yet played this game beyond the castle walls because I'm busy playing Cave Story. Yeah, I'm that late in the scene.

Click this link to download the English rom and the manual.

Enjoy the screenshots above as soon as YouTube uploads it. Oh, YouTube, how you fail me.

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