Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fire Emblem, English translations / patches

Fire Emblem was an exclusive NES title that never made it out of Japan. I was never really familiar with the whole Fire Emblem bit until I got to play the first GBA title. I don't feel bad, even romhacker, Spinner8 is confounded by this title.
"The Fire Emblem series is enigmatic at best, I'm afraid."
I actually finished one whole GBA campaign, but I skipped the bonus chapter because I got a bit tired of it. Since I'm a FE noob, it only recently dawned on me that some bad-ass characters in Smash Bros. are from FE. That piqued a bit of my interest to make this post.

Since I had a few people, searching my site for "Fire Emblem English patch," I decided to search for a patch myself. I found this entry in the site. It has all the English patch for the old Fire Emblem games, from the NES to the SNES. However, the patches are all incomplete, save for this one here.

The only complete patch for Fire Emblem is on the SNES. The game is essentially Fire Emblem 1 for the NES, remade into the glorious SNES graphics that all retro gaming people love.

I'll try to play this at some point, I'm just a bit busy with other games right now. I just miss the days when I can just play old RPG's all day.
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