Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 ways I use Google Chrome

Chrome is a good browser with the potential to become the dominant choice for web heads in the future. For now it's in beta, and I really don't want to use this browser when accessing my business intranet or anything involving important data.

Here's how I use Chrome from day to day:

1. Using it to make web apps

As most of you already know, Chrome can make shortcuts for web sites. I use it to make web apps of, Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and a lot of web pages that I can live to access in a standalone form.

This frees up my Firefox 3 to do the heavy surfing while avoiding Flash heavy sites.

2. Incognito mode

This is very useful when accessing unknown content. This is not just for porn. Since Incognito will not leave any traces on your hard drive, you can access educational sites like warez, torrentz, ebookz etc. without getting tracking cookies or something similar.

That's how I use Chrome from day to day. It's a good product but not just ready to topple Firefox yet. If you have tips on how to make effective use of Chrome, please write your comments below.

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