Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newspapers are dead - Dvorak

As a blogger and someone who used to write for the print media, it saddens me to read analysis like this. Sad to say, I think Dvorak is correct on this one.

Many of the pundits say the biggest hurdle the newspapers have is the transition from print to online. In fact, most already have made the transition, and most cannot make the online model work well enough to make up for the downslide in print. They never will.

The reason is simple: In an online world, there are too many bloated newspapers.

As a third world country, I give newspapers in the Philippines 20 more years before most of them fold. Just look at the show of force of PDI in the net. Their homepage is one of the most updated and most extensive newspaper sites.

But Dvorak has a solution (kinda) on how a newspaper can survive online:

The only papers or news organizations that can expect to survive will be those with lots of original content available only at their individual sites. The operations that rely more on universally available news feeds will be at the mercy of a fickle public -- one that doesn't care where they read a particular story, especially if it is the exact same story with the exact same headline.
What do you think? Will print media die or will it somehow survive the online onslaught?

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