Tuesday, September 25, 2007

K-Meleon is Firefox lite for Windows

There's this article by Nate Lanxon where he proposed a Firefox lite for low-end PC's:

There's no doubt Firefox is the best Web browser in the world. I advise everyone to use it. However, I think that the memory-hogging issue isn't really too serious for slightly-above-average PCs these days --they can handle the memory for the most part. Those who can't suffer for it.
As a user of a low-end PC, I can't agree more on his views about the memory issues of Firefox. But I think that if Firefox lite is not being considered by Mozilla, there's K-Meleon as an alternative to Firefox.

K-Meleon is a Windows only browser based on the Gecko rendering engine that Firefox runs on. But since it's a native Windows browser, it's much more optimized, hence the smaller memory footprint.

I've been a user of K-Meleon for about a year now and I find it stable with only minor problems with some websites. I believe that you can use some Firefox extensions as add-ons for K-Meleon, but I haven't figured it out yet. It would kick-ass to have Scribefire in K-Meleon.

The best thing about K-Meleon is the active community and it's open source license. This means you can expect incremental improvements and bug fixes with each latest releases.

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