Thursday, January 11, 2007

Internet cards gone to the dogs

I've tried a lot of internet cards to surf the internet. During earlier incarnations of these cards they were fairly reliable. Now however, cards like ISP Bonanza, Go!, Blast, and a bunch of others are dog slow and are prone to cut-offs.

I usually have about 5-6kbps download speed in the past but now I get 1 or 2kbps. That really, really sucks. You only get 20 hours for 100 php, you can't download 13mb of data for 2 hours because the meter is running. Even with this dismal performance I have no other alternative. There's just no reliable dial-up internet nor are there any broadband options in our area.

Honestly, the dog-slow internet service of my prepaid card makes me post less and less on this site. Although I love to rant here, posting is just a pain in the butt. All I get when logging in to Blogger are errors (site unavailable) because my connection is not downloading correctly. If not for Performancing, I'd be down to zero post this month.

Are there still any reliable prepaid internet cards out there? Looks like the big internet card providers has dropped the ball.

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