Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm no html coder

It sucks when you're not that good with html. Coding this site alone by faking it is complicated enough but when people ask you to make them a site, you'd think you're some kind of expert. Anyway, I'm no expert, I'm not even a good designer. Don't ask me to make you a website.

This is nothing but rants and raves. Darn, Performancing has me blogging 3 in a row. That rarely happens anymore. I guess a 2007 resolution is regular blogging again.

Speaking of resolutions, the holidays didn't feel so right. Like Christmas--it didn't feel so Christmasy to me at all. People are stingy and grumpy like it was f-ing holy week. When did people become jerks during Christmas. Filipinos are slowly changing from happy-smiley people to dickwads. Dicks!

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