Friday, December 22, 2006

Snes Supa Robot games

There's been a lot of Japanese super robot Snes games that came out during the late 80's. I'll make this entry a short list of some of the super robot Snes games that are 100% translated to English.

1. Super Robot Wars 3 (Strategy RPG)
2. SD Gundam - Cross Dimensions (Strategy RPG)
3. Gundam Wings - Endless duel (Fighting game)
4. Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Fighting)
5. V Gundam (Side scroller)

This is just some of the super robot games that has piqued my attention. If you have any idea of any super robot Snes translations, please post in the comments. If you need to have the rom, try searching google or go to the links page of, you'll find a lot of resources there for you to find the games you want. For the translation patches, just head over to

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