Sunday, December 24, 2006

GBA - Super Robot Taisen: OG

Man, Super Robot Taisen (or SRW) must be one of the most repetitive game that I've ever played. Believe me, I know repetitive games along the style of Shadowrun (gen). This game p4wn3d me. It literally brought me to my knees in surrender. It's that hard.

This game is a strategy/rpg or simRPG in the tradition of Shining Force. It's a pretty good game but it's not for everybody. If you are a die-hard mech fan, you'd probably love the repetitive cut-scenes in the gameplay (this can be turned off, I know) and the slow pace of the game.

You have about ten Gundams (or whatever crap they call 'em) at your disposal. Cool! But the problem is you have about 25 enemy mechs all gunning to kill you. Granted that your mechs are more powerful, the gameplay is still dog slow. For example, I quit on level 19 when I'm about 137 turns into the scenario. WTF! 137 turns in and there's still about a dozen enemy mechs and 4 bosses that I haven't disposed of. I think that whoever designed this shit thought that slow torture is fun for the gamer.

It's an ok game, I just don't know what is it about it that made me quit. Probably because it's only fun during the first few scenarios and immediately went downhill from there.

SRW fans are probably saying, "You idiot! It's such an easy game to beat." Well, not for me. 19 scenarios out of 42 is enough for me. Going beyond that is insane. I'd much rather play Front Mission (has more depth and better graphics) or Fire Emblem (this one was hard as well but I persisted and finished it). Anyway, I'm not a Gundam or Super Robot fan, and since this game is from the Original Generation, the mecha that I know like Voltes V or Mazingerzi are not included here. It's pretty much useless to me.

Don't get me wrong. This game is solid and long, just not my type of game. I hate games that become a chore after a while. Though I have my share of these types of games, some of them are compelling enough that I find it fun to finish the game. Not so with this one. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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