Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Video Game Show podcast is a fan-made video game site with the regular reviews, previews, and other stuff concerning the latest and greatest games on all platforms and genres. What sets this site apart from the other fan site is the great podcast that they produce. The podcast is called the Video Game Show and it's a great weekly podcast about the gaming world.

I've listened to a lot of video game podcasts and I can say that the Video Game Show is one of the funniest and informative shows out there (the hosts are funny and very knowledgeable), and considering that they are not in league with the big names, they do produce quality episodes (meaning, professional production and content) week after week.

Give this one a try. Frankly, I don't own a 2nd generation console or a good gaming PC but I still keep up about gaming stuff because of this podcast.

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