Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Foobar, private Ryan's player


All my friends know how crappy my PC is. My stupid PC is about 9 years old with only a few minor upgrades from outdated graphics cards and second hand Intel processors. This makes me very choosy with the software that I use in my PC. Obviously, using Windows Media Player is out of the question as it eats hundreds of MB of my RAM.

Luckily there are programs like Foobar2000 that are easy on system resources. Foobar2000 is not an all-in-one media player that can run video (I have a good app for video too) but this app will run a lot of music files from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis. The great thing about this player is its stability, though it's a v0.9 beta, it never crashed from a couple of months that I've been using it.

The best part is that I can play my MP3's even while playing Rise of Nations, now that's what I can call optimized to run, specially on my crap PC.

You can get Foobar2000 (free) at www.foobar2000.org

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