Tuesday, April 11, 2006

RoughDraft 3.0 - update at last


It’s been years since RoughDraft 2.11 was updated but now you can download and enjoy RoughDraft 3.0, just head over to Richard Salsbury’s website.

RoughDraft is a free word processor with the writer in mind. It’s small, compact, but full of rich features just right for the creative writer. No need to buy Microsoft Word if you only want to type up the manuscript for your short story or poetry.

Here’s a list of features for RoughDraft that I use:

1. Pad - a small side panel application that allows the user to store unorganized information. Great to put your outline and other story ideas.

2. Spelling checker - we all know what this is but the new version ups the ante with Live Spellcheck that is much like the MS Word red squiggly lines under the misspelled words.

3. Printing - the new printing function is more powerful, with the ability to make cover pages on the fly.

4. Portability - installing it to a USB drive makes it more useful to me.

There’s lots more of features included in the 3.0 version and I’m sure this app can help you with your writing, especially if you’re on a budget.

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