Monday, March 27, 2006

About me

My name is Bastich, I'm unemployed and I live with my parents. A little George Costanza joke there to liven up the first paragraph, since most of this post will be boring as hell. Anyhow, the Bastich name was politely ripped-off from Lobo comics where Lobo's frequent expression is "Frag 'ya Bastich!" but of course, I have no idea what that means. So you see, the name has a very meaningful history with me being a comics geek and all.

I'm a garbage collector working in the mean streets of the Payatas dumpsite where my main source of living is scavenging for recyclable materials to sell to greedy recycling plants. I'm up about 3 am in the morning to beat other scavengers from gathering the precious aluminum and gin bottles that are about 5 pesos a kilo. At about 7 am, I forage for food from basically every fast food styropor with any remnant of that tasty morsel only rich people get to eat fresh. Yum, yum. At about 10 am, I will usually run to aling Pasing's computer shop to blog in this here site...Yeah, I spend all my earnings just to blog. Then I run back to collect garbage again.

I spent all my childhood reading Nancy Drew novels and drawing crap comics in a one-fourth sheet of paper. I never had the privilege to play a lot of videogames since our console then was a dumb Atari 2600 (found in the garbage dump) and we didn't have a television. So instead of playing dumb games, I was forced by my parents to study garbology at an early age. I have to thank them for their foresight, I wouldn't have been a scavenger today if not for the intense garbology course-load.

The title will not be "About me" if I'm not gonna write about my hopes and aspirations. This is gonna be sleep-inducing so I urge you to skip this paragraph and go ogle the hot anime chicks on my Mouse Anime post. Hmmm, hopes and aspirations. Well, I hope to become the strongest mind in the world, a kind of mind that you can torture but still come out like a conquering hero. Ok, that didn't made any sense, so I guess I don't have any dreams aside from being a top-dog garbologist.

But above other things, there are stuff that I hate, like stupid people. I'm not talking about the IQ40 crowd but people who are intolerant and insensitive jerk-offs. I mean, when I crap on my little part of the garbage mountain, I need my privacy from other scavengers, but hell! When I shit on aluminum, the other scavengers pushes me off like a bag of unrecyclable material while scooping the scrap from under me. See what I mean?

Aside from some jerks, life has been good to me. What's not to love with every and any conveniences in life just a garbage can away. But I have to tell you, I can take all the garbage you can throw at me. So keep throwing away.
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