Saturday, May 07, 2005

Some thoughts

I'm seriously considering transferring this blog to this new homepage I created. The best thing about a real website is the complete control over the design of the page, not only that, it is also more personal. The problem with a website is the fact that you need to design and upload your HTML to the net, which is very time consuming, unlike this blog that you can just push buttons to publish.

I made the webpage above in 5 minutes flat, but this entry will probably be made in about 15 seconds - so the value of this blog is not lost to me. Maybe I just need a little change since the visitors of this site has dropped considerably this past month. It could be my fault that this blog is not updated very often anymore, but I see stagnant websites make more hits than this blog.

I'm not making this entry for the readers, actually. I'm just recording this for my own personal evaluation.

On another note, there are also great (and free) Content Management Systems like Text Pattern and Drupal. Both software can make a real website (not just a blog), but the great thing about this is they have back ends like that of Blogger that makes it very easy to publish content of any type. According to Leo Laporte, Drupal is very easy. Of course that's the opinion of a tech guru adept at using Pmachine's Expression Engine and every software available. I want to try some of these free Content Management Systems but I have no real experience using 'em. I hope I can find good tutorials for this stuff.

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for another manga/anime review post. I'm also working on my Robin fanfic.
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