Monday, April 25, 2005

A random update

Just so you know that I'm still alive, here's some random rants:

Update 1: I finished the first draft of my Batman fanfic. I'm currently revising it...not that anyone cares.

Update 2: Notice that my pics are broken. My file host bombed. If anyone knows a better file hosting site that requires no sign up but allows hot linking, please use the comments option below. (Edit: I Found a pic hosting called imageshack. The pics are up again. Bow to the bat.)

Update 3: I'm so into MOO 1 these past days. I wonder why MOO 3 didn't just improved on the first and second MOO? MOO 3 really bombed for me. I was an average student with average grades but I just can't understand MOO 3. I think that latest incarnation is only for die hard strategy gamers and Excel number crunchers.

See 'ya next time.
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