Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm an Opera lover?

Can you guess what browser I'm using on the screenshot above? Well, it looks like Opera but it's definitely Firefox. Thanks to a blog named FirefoxOpera I made the Fox look and function like my favorite browser. Here's a list of extensions I used:

1. TBE - for perfect tab browsing.
2. Tab X - for the red close icon on my tab.
3. Mini t - better control over tabs.
4. Extended status bar - cosmetic enhancement copying Opera's stat bar.
5. Paste and go - copied Opera function.
6. Session saver - save sessions.

I also used an Opera skin to complete the look of my Firefox. Hmmm, looks like I'll be using Firefox longer than Opera. Now, if only Firefox wasn't such a resource hog. Any idea how to fix Firefox to run better on slow computers with slow connections?
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