Friday, September 10, 2010

My Addiction to Civilization (Snes) Continues

No post for the past couple of weeks due to my addiction to Civilization for the Snes. I know that it's not the best version of Civ 1, but I like it nonetheless. Once Civilization V for the PC goes out, life as I know it will be over for sure.

My own play-through with the game has not been that successful 'cause my civ was constantly behind on tech even though I'm just playing in Warlord difficulty. The damn Aztecs and Germans gang up on me with their riflemen and tanks, while I only have primitive cannons. I'm still learning to be good at this game, what can I say...

Anyway, enjoy this Let's Play series of Civilization 1 for the Snes. The LPer chose to play on Earth under the easiest setting as the Aztecs, I believe. He will teach you the basics of the game and some other technique like creating "canals" for easy access for your sea faring units.
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