Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dragon Quest V - old skool fun RPG

A damn hard game. That is Dragon Quest V.

You start out as a very weak child and progress to 3 generations. This means that you will have to play your children later in the game. I don't want to get into that because that is spoiler territory.

All you have to know is that there is a DS version for this game. The one I'm playing is the SNES one.

Gameplay-wise, I must say that this is a typical JRPG. It is essentially Dragon Quest IV except that you can control your recruited monsters as if they were your party members. This feature alone is awesome.

Some complaints I have against this game is that it is very hard to level up. I think that the DS version is somewhat devoid of grinding, which makes it easier than the original version.

Another complaint I have is the arbitrariness of some game elements. I literally don't know where to go after finishing one quest. I had to look up Gamefaqs a lot while playing this game.

As disclosure, I have to say that I have not finished this game yet. I'm only about past the wedding scenario when I stopped. The grinding really kills me. The truth is, I'm guaranteed to die in a dungeon whenever I'm not properly leveled-up. This really hurt my chance of finishing this game.

The best stuff in this game is beating the crap out of bosses when you are properly leveled-up. I think this is a case of either beating the crap out of bosses, or getting yourself killed. I think that there is no way you can beat a boss by outsmarting it with your menu decisions.

I suggest that you play the DS version instead of the SNES one if you don't like grinding heavily.
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