Monday, September 17, 2007

Ancient Empires - a cool Advance Wars clone

Ancient Empires
Ancient Empires is a game for MIDP 1.0, J2ME phones (like a K750i). The gameplay and artwork are somewhat reminiscent of Advance Wars for the GBA, but this time it's a fantasy setting.

You are King Galamar and you command an army out to destroy an evil that possessed your brother. But the thing is, you need to defeat your brother in order to free him.

As I mentioned, the gameplay is Advance Wars, but Ancient Empires also borrowed some ideas from The battle for Wesnoth. An example of this is the ability of Galamar to recruit personnel when he is stationed in the stronghold. This feature added a bit more strategy to the game than just plain terrain advantages.

I can't believe how well-made this game is. Considering that it's for a mobile phone it has captured the best element of a GBA game. Buy this game, now! You can check out the game here.

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