Monday, July 23, 2007

Crystalis is hard to crack

I've not been blogging because I may be reading comics, playing videogames, working (if I can get off my ass), and mainly playing videogames. I'm currently playing Crystalis for the NES. Some say it's a Zelda clone, but a lot of gamers think that this game tops even Zelda (a sacrilege?). In my own opinion, Crystalis does not top Zelda, but it has a nice place next to this Miyamoto masterpiece.

For the uninitiated, Crystalis is an action rpg akin to Zelda. But in my humble opinion, Zelda is more of an action/adventure game than a real rpg. In Crystalis there's real experience points and hit points that you can level up by killing monsters. I don't have a strong argument as to whether or not Zelda is really an rpg, but I believe there's no such thing as experience points in Zelda. This is not a very informed opinion because I have not finished a Zelda game in my life (hides in shame). I'll try to finish the first Zelda after Crystalis, though.

Crystalis is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the hero wakes up from cryogenic suspension. If you need to know more about the story just try Wikipedia, I'm effing lazy. This game kicks so much ass that if I'm not playing it on emulation I would've suffered hours and hours of death and agony against this game. This game is Nintendo hard. If you are not effing careful, even small critters inside the dungeons can kick you in the junk. Although the difficulty is offset somewhat because you can save in any town you are in, it's doubly easier to save on an emulator though. I love the idea of different elemental sword but it makes the game much more difficult. For example a dungeon can be crawling with critters vulnerable to the wind sword, but goddamn, there's monsters mixed in who are only vulnerable to the fire sword. This forces you to switch swords regularly, which is really tedious.

I haven't finished Crystalis yet, but I hope I have enough gumption to plow through this little torture chamber of a game. Many won't find this game hard, namely the good gamers. But I just find this thing hard but fun enough to waste my time on it.

Update: Just finished beating that witch, Sabera. According to the FAQ, she's one of the most difficult bosses in the game. I beat her about after leveling up to 11 in about 3 tries. If this is how difficult all boss battles will be, I don't know if I can finish this damn game at all.

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