Sunday, May 13, 2007

Retrogaming - Diablo 1

So I've been going on a nostalgia trip when it comes to games these days. The oldie but goodie I have been playing is Diablo 1. I remember finishing Diablo during college but I'm ashamed to say that I only pwned the game with my warrior 'coz I cheated. Remember those cheat codes during the heydays of Diablo and Starcraft. Well, I used one on Diablo and when I met the last boss himself, I killed him with about two to three hacks of my sword. Not a very fun proposition.

Now, I made another character, a mage. I must say that mages are at a little disadvantage since some low level monsters are immune to magic. Meaning, no matter how powerful your charged bolt is, you won't do much damage to a low level creature with immunity. This in turn forces you to switch to brute force, which is pretty useless since you are a freaking mage. Now I remember why I used that damn cheat, yeah, 'coz it's frustrating to be killed by a freaking bat immune to magic. But no--hell no--I won't cheat this time. I'll try to finish it without any help.

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