Monday, March 26, 2007

There are intelligent Digg users

So I was browsing Digg, my favorite site, and found a screaming headline on the frontpage: Sony UK Boss Calls the US a Land of Cheap People to Justify PS3 Price. Now any gamer, sony hater or not, would love to check out this article, so I clicked on it. Based on some comments, I thought that Sony was being a jerk again until I read this comment below.

TortfeasorTO comments:

Please. Have a look at the original interview, without the silly headline. That's not what the guy meant at all. He meant that labor is cheaper in the US than in the UK, that's all. He was explaining why the PS3 is so much more expensive in the UK than in other places, including the US. He was not calling Americans cheapskates. Fun though it would be to misunderstand him that way.

Here's the original interview. This just proves that in any community, there may be sensationalist dumbasses and commenters but there's also your share of intelligent members who can get past exaggerated frontpage headlines.
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