Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stan Lee and Joe Q contemplate Cap's death

CapdeathIn relation to my last post about Captain America's death, here's a news item (interview) from MSNBC regarding Joe Quesada and Stan Lee's views of the comics icon's demise.

JOE QUESADA: The Marvel universe is always at its best when we are reflecting the world around ourselves. “Captain America” was created right around the time of World War II, he fought Adolph Hitler, he sold war bonds; then in the '60s when you look at the cold war and the fear that we had of the atom but also the promise of the atom, and you get characters like the Hulk, who comes out of a gamma-bomb explosion, and Spider-Man, who is bitten by an irradiated spider. Then there’s Vietnam, and Tony Stark is a guy who’s building weapons for the war in Asia and happens to get crippled there and become Iron Man--all these things really stem from comics being a product of their time. So when we were thinking of the story of “Civil War,” there was absolutely no resistance on our part to do it because we just knew it was one of those great ideas that we had to go forward with.

STAN LEE: I was a little bit shocked when I heard about it, as I think everybody else was. It’s really a shame. He was a great guy and certainly America could use a man like that right now.

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