Sunday, September 03, 2006

FreeApps4u site

I decided to delete my other site FreeApps4U because I'm not able to update it as often as I can. So I will just have to re-post every review and tutorial I have on that site to this one. I'm not so sure when that will happen, but eventually that will happen. Get ready for more entries in my Freeware and Applications category.

This has been one heck of a year and I'm still enjoying the freedom I have right now, that's why I've been having fun and just slacking off as much as I can. Not that you care and not that anyone ever reads this site anyway.

I've also learned that 20-30 unique hits a day will not earn you much ad revenue. That's another reason why I've been slacking off with the posts and just rambling about uninteresting stuff about myself.

Anyway, I'm still reading some comic books and some novels. Maybe I'll have reviews of 'em later in the site or something. I have to say, if you can pick up a back-ish of Batman - Arkham Asylum: Living Hell you'll really enjoy this 6-part miniseries. I heard that there's a TPB of that series now so go check it out.
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