Thursday, August 24, 2006

All the king's men

I just finished book 1 and 2 of Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy(almost finished); I also finished The Da Vinci Code, kind of a let down. So now I can go to my comics list for the week like the digital version of Wasteland no. 1 - it's free and legal, and awesome.

I've been also reading Megatokyo and Penny Arcade (just google the links, I'm lazy this year) - they're very good webcomics that's been endorsed by Neil Gorman of the Comicology podcast, also another thing worth checking out.

Geekman has also downloaded for me the manga version of AKIRA (the Akira) and Ichi the killer. I've yet to check both titltes out but I heard only good things about them. I'm also reading the War Games saga of Batman, I think this was pre-infinite crisis story, all great stuff - I'm just sad that SHE has to die (no spoilers here, no pun intended).

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